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Catching 100 Pound Tarpon and 50 Pound Red Drum at the Same Time!
by Allen Propst

There is only one place in the world where you can catch 100 pound tarpon and 50 pound red drum at the same time-the Neuse River and Pamlico Sound near Oriental, NC.

Just recently in late August of this year my son Nic, my friend Buck and I went fishing just north of the mouth of South River where it enters the Neuse River about 6 miles from Oriental. We were fishing for tarpon in about 21 feet of water using fresh cut spot and croaker for bait. In a period of about 2 1/2 hours, we caught and released 2 tarpon each weighing 100 pounds plus and one red drum approximately 50 pounds! This is not an unusual event in this location. I have released several drum and tarpon of this size during the month of August.

I have talked to several other fishermen who recently caught red drum and tarpon at night while trying to catch trophy red drum on Brant Island Shoal.

Ideal tackle for tarpon fishing consists of 7' heavy action rods with reels that will hold at least 300 yards of 30 pound test line. Leaders of 6' length and 150 pound test with sharp 7/0 off-set hooks work well. The fresher the bait the better! Chumming is necessary to attract these game fish to your bait. Have at least 20-30 pounds of fresh bait since bluefish and crabs will often clean your hooks.

Once you hook a tarpon, have someone on standby with a good camera to capture these leaping giants in mid-air on 6-8 spectacular jumps for freedon! Be prepared for a 30-45 minute fight from a 100 pd. tarpon! All tarpon are released at the boat while still in the water.

Drum fishing with tarpon tackle is acceptable, but the fight is more sporting with 20 pound gear. Even though it is legal to retain 1 red drum over 27" in length most of these giants are released, as well. Large red drum can live up to sixty years!


Fishing and Hunting
by George Beckwith

Oriental, North Carolina is fast becoming one of the most popular centers for sport fishing in the country. The town is base to the annual Tarpon Tournament drawing contestants from all over the country. The diversely rich waters of the Pamlico Sound offer a large variety of sea life interesting to both recreational and commercial fishermen.

Over the last five years, a growing number of the nations fishermen have discovered the excellent tarpon fishing in the Neuse River and Pamlico Sound. Tarpon, averaging 100 pounds visit these waters from late June through September peaking in July/August.

More recently, giant red drum fishing has gained popularity here. Giant breeders visit from June to October, peaking in August/September. Rumor has it that the drum caught here are larger than anywhere else in the country. (And that's no tall fish tale)

Oriental has also become a popular destination for light tackle and fly fishermen. The crowded beaches and smaller sounds of the other North Carolina areas are forcing anglers to look for "fresh" waters to fish. Light tackle opportunities exist from late April through October and offer a mixed bag that could include striped bass, flounder, speckled trout , weakfish, bluefish, puppy drum, spanish mackerel and more.

There is still plenty of action in the fall. The duck hunting season runs from October through January. The rebound of the duck population has allowed for a more generous bag and extended season. Duck hunters can expect to see an abundance of sea duck including a large variety of scoter and the occasional oldsqual.



East Coast Black Bear Hunting
with Jeff Holton

Interested in hunting black bear? Pamlico County may have what you want. There are a limited amount of hunts available during the season which is from November 10th to November 15th with an even shorter second season in Decmber from the 15th to 17th.

The bears can be hunted using bow, rifle, slug shotgun or pistol in the bear's natural habitat. Still hunting is done from treestands to insure safety and success.


Deer Hunting
by Michael Bynum

There are plenty of 'big bucks' in this area. Last year several nice ones were taken and this year looks even better! Bow season opened September 8th and lasts until October 4th. Black powder opens October 6th through October 11th, rifle season follows October 13th through January 1st. There are still hunters and dog hunters throughout the county. Don't forget quail and duck season are right around the corner, so come on down to the county and have a great time hunting!

Just about all hunting trips are an adventure. Here is one of mine:

A few years ago my brother and I bagged a nice 8 pointer in Cypress Swamp about 9:00 in the morning. I went back to camp to clean the deer, but my brother, Neil, decided to stay in the swamp until dark. When I came back to pick him up that evening there was no trace of him. I called and called for him. He finally answered, "I shot one!" Together we followed a blood trail for 200 yards on our hands and knees until I looked up to see the injured deer looking right at me. He was so close I could have touched him. The deer took off.

It was getting so late we decided to resume the search the next morning. That morning we found the trail and split up in search of Neil's deer. Suddenly Neil yelled "he's coming right at you." I turned just in time to grab the deer before he charged right into me. Away we went, bronco-style, kicking, bucking, yelling and screaming. The big 7 pointer finally fell and I managed to kill it with my knife. My first (and hopefully last) deer ride was pretty close to the ride a testy bull gives.

Thanks for the memories little brother.

Another man's deer hunting adventure!

The Great Deer Hunt

1:00 am Alarm clock rings
2:00 am Hunting partners arrive throw you out of bed.
2:30 am Throw everything but the kitchen sink in the pickup
3:00 am Leave for the deep woods.
3:15 am Drive back home - pick up gun.
3:30 am Drive like hell to get to the woods before daylight.
4:00 am Set up camp - forgot the damn tent.
4:30 am Head out into woods.
6:05 am See 8 deer.
6:06 am Take careful aim and 'squeeeeze' trigger.
6:07 am CLICK!
6:08 am Load gun while watching 8 deer go over hill.
8:00 am Head back to camp.
9:00 am Still looking for camp.
10:00 am Realize you don't know where camp is.
NOON Fire gun for help - eat wild berries.
12:15 pm Ran out of bullets - 8 deer return to watch.
12:20pm Realize the berries you ate were poison.
12:45 pm RESCUED!
12:55 pm Rushed to hospital to have stomach pumped.
3:00 pm Arrive back at camp.
3:30 pm Leave camp to kill deer.
4:00 pm Return to camp for bullets.
4:01 pm Load gun - leave camp again.
5:00 pm Empty gun at squirrel that's been bugging you.
6:00 pm Arrive back at camp - see deer grazing at camp.
6:01 pm Load gun.
6:02 pm Fire gun.
6:03 pm One dead pickup truck.
6:04 pm Hunting partner returns to camp dragging deer.
6:06 pm Suppress overwhelming desire to shoot hunting partner.
6:07 pm Trip over partner's deer - fall into fire.
6:10 pm Change clothes - throw burned ones into fire.
6:15 pm Take pickup - leave partner and his damn deer in the woods.
6:25 pm Pickup boils over - hole shot in block.
6:26 pm Start walking.
6:30 pm Stumble and fall - drop gun in mud.
6:35 pm Meet bear.
6:36 pm Take aim (self defense you know)
6:37 pm Fire gun - blow up barrel plugged with mud.
6:38 pm Wet pants.
6:39 pm Climb tree.
9:00 pm Bear departs.
9:15 pm Climb out of tree - wrap %&$%#@&@#% gun around tree.
MIDNIGHT Home at last.

Sunday Watch football game on TV, slowly tearing license into very little
pieces, place pieces into envelope and mail to game warden with
very precise instructions as to where he should place them.

The great deer hunt was the experience of Allen DP. He refuses to give his full name.

Skeet shooting

The fast rising sport of skeet shooting is alive and well in Pamlico County at the Tri County Gun Range. Many bird hunters come in before the season opens to brush up on their skills. Shooting from high and low towers from 8 different stations will drastically improve anyone's shotgun skills.

Duck Hunting
by Bob Daves

Duck hunting opportunities abound in Pamlico County. Hunting is available in impoundments, river blinds and backwater creeks. Pamlico Point impoundments (state-operated) offer excellent puddle duck shooting on certain days of the week. Contact NC Game and Fish Dept. for details. A number of swans (permit permitted) are also taken here each year.

River and sound hunting offer blue bills, canvas backs and other divers. Call Oriental Marina for details.

Yankee Come-Here Girl Goes Hunting For the First Time


Canoeing With Ms. Wolfie the Spider and Mud Turtle.
(For kids of all ages)
by Turtle Midgette

"Hi! My name is Mud Turtle. I live in Oriental, NC. My house is located at the head of Camp Creek. Camp Creek is just one of many outstanding creeks located in Pamlico Co. There is only one narrow road (North St) between my driveway and some of the best flat water canoeing in the whole wide world."

This is my canoeing mate, Ms. Wolfie the Spider. She is a female wolf spider, about 1.5 inches long, with brown fur."

Landing on Mud Turtles shoulder, Ms. Wolfie says, "Hey Turtle Head! I can speak for myself. Hello readers! My friends call me Ms. Wolfie. I am a fascinating wolf spider. My body is made up of two parts. I have a beautiful brown furry head with big black eyes, and black sexy line markings which run from my eyes towards the back of my head. Behind my head is my big bodacious abdomen. I don’t often see this part of myself because this is where I carry my young. I am a lovely spider therefore I usually have lots of kids hanging onto my body."

As Mud Turtle looks down shuffling his feet in the gravel, he asks, "Ms. Wolfie, may we get on with the business at hand?"

Ms. Wolfie answers, "Yes, Mr. Turtle Head. Let’s tell the exciting news. We have been asked to share some of our canoeing adventures with the visitors of this website."

In the weeks to come, jump on board the Big Red Canoe with Ms. Wolfie the Spider and Mud Turtle as they explore the creeks, coves, and backwaters located here in beautiful Pamlico County.

Paddle On,


George Beckwith runs Downeast Guide Service based in Oriental. The service provides professionally qualified guides for hunters and fishermen in the Neuse River/Pamlico Sound areas.




Jeff Holton owns Tri County Guns and Outdoor ranges located near Bayboro. Tri County is a licensed firearms dealer with a 600 yard rifle range, 50 yard pistol range and high and low tower skeet field. They are open six days a week, they are closed on Mondays.

Bob Daves hunts ducks during the fall and winter. He talks about hunting ducks in the spring and summer while working the room at the Oriental Marina Restaurant.

Michael Bynum and Greg Voliva own and operate B&V Guide Service. They offer great deer hunting in the Pamlico and Beaufort County area.

Ken 'Turtle' Midgette leads canoeing trips by appointment. He has been patiently teaching sailing, canoeing and swimming to children and adults for many years.

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